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I took a jury trial for the first time in 1995. After I graduated from law school, I passed three states and spent ten years in valuable criminal law in both California and Arizona. I now have more than 20 years of trial experience and many customers have been able to withdraw or retract the charges.

Established in 1995


Carl A. Müller, a PLC expert in handling all aspects of the crime, focuses on the DUI and traffic-related crimes. AZ Gilbert. If you need a lawyer, call Carl.

Carl A. Müller was born in Los Angeles and graduated from the Hoittie Law School in Los Angeles, California. Muller also attended the University of Montana law school in Missoura, Montana. Muller also has a bachelor's degree in speech communication and a master's degree in judicial administration. Muller deliberately focused his higher education on the curriculum he thought would succeed as a criminal trial lawyer. Mr. Muller spent many years practicing persuasion and at the same time completed the same curriculum as the law enforcement officer. Mr. Muller is an experienced judicial lawyer, more than 20 years ago Los Angeles District Attorney and Ampen; #39; When I was a law student working at someone's office, I started investigating criminal cases. Muller has been a lawyer in Arizona for 20 years. Mr. Muller stopped counting jury trials after he succeeded 100 jury trials ten years ago. Mr. Muller dealt with the crime

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Very useful!  I got a call before 7:00 a.m. on Monday and gave me the advice I needed to solve the situation in less than 10 minutes.

01/01/2021 02:10pm